Sarah Sangster

Photo of Sarah Sangster

I landed in the whimsical, colorful world of abstract and figurative painting quite by accident more than ten years ago through a three day workshop called Painting From the Soul. Having trained as a lawyer, I had never picked up a paintbrush in my life but I quickly embraced and was exhilarated by the unlimited world of art. Painting has allowed me to let go of my natural structure and consistency and to express the world in a more dynamic and evolving way. In my creative life, I can express the chaos and whimsy around me: sometimes taming it and sometimes letting it run free. I hope the abstract works I paint are more compelling because I resist telling the viewer what they are supposed to see, but rather show them a journey they might take.

I have always lived in Northern California where I am surrounded by amazing color and light. I try to reflect this vibrancy in my work. Recently, I am inspired by the wondrous magic of fermentation. As the sugars in beer react with the yeast, particles in the brew begin spinning wildly in the container; sometimes even exploding out of the container and spewing everywhere. As I have played with the concept, my paintings have taken off into more wild and colorful renderings of fermentation and effervescence. I paint to reflect the joy and color and movement around me. Sometimes this is controlled, but usually it is absolutely allowed to explode forth unfettered.

Fermentation. Joy. Effervescence. Magic!